I’ve been told by you,
I lack.
I’ve too cut you, lots
Of slack!

Now kick out the
I’m letting go of all

For once, it’s adequate
to do so.
You know, that I know,
That you know.

Oh! you see, what I did
No? Read again, I’m right

I like to keep it simple,
you mind?
Fingers on my right temple,
I grind!

…………………”Hey watch out” – “look out”
—————————————“Hey! who’s behind-”
…………………….. “It’s me.”
…………………”I’ve come to put you in a total bind.”

Take a pause,
wait – rewind,
“It’s me”, I’ve come to put
you in a total bind.

I wanted to say,
I adore you.
You cringed your nose?
I abhor you!

All your beauty, was
for naught!
To care for girls, was
I taught.

I have spoiled you
and free, let you roam,
Took all the poison and
a mouth, filled with foam.

I wander about distraught,
within my home.
Family and friends readying
me, a tomb.

You may cry a river,
cry a sea, or an ocean.
You may cut out of your body,
every bit, every portion.

In heaven I end up
or in hell I burn.
One thing’s for sure,
There’s no return.

– Written by Ali Qureshi

(This poem is a continuation of poem: “It’s best to stay away”)