I think I might be writing garbage
but this isn’t a computer program
that should hold garbage values
it should follow some scheme
What the hell was I thinking?
I was writing and writing
dumping all this piece of crap
over at the people who know their shit,
and I don’t mean they’re but their shit.
Yes! people always try to misunderstand.
And so do I, Yes, I do!
I misunderstood my family, friends,
and other people – relatives to be exact.
Oh the list might go on and on.
Usually I’m chill as hell.
You wouldn’t hear me complain
I’m a real cool and nice guy
but if I’m mean, it’s cause
I mean to be mean to you!

You know what I mean?

In addition to an awesome post on shitty writing over at Ninefold Evolution
– Note by Author