Here I am right in front of you.
I accept I’m guilty for I have wronged you, and I won’t say otherwise.
Picking up a knife from the kitchen table and thrusting it into the victim’s hand,
the guilty man continues:
You may take my life,
I offer it to you so it is yours for the taking.

The victim and his hand remains still. Silence for a few seconds and then the knife clatters as it touches the floor.

I can’t do that. I can’t be the judge and the jury.
I know you are guilty and I acknowledge my anger but I’m only calm cause
my daughter wouldn’t want me to dirty my hands with the blood of her- killer.
I will curse you for it.
I will neither forgive you nor will I forget.

It is easy to take a life but impossible to restore it, you can’t return her back to me.
I wish for her to be at peace now and for you to rot in hell.

Written by Ali Qureshi