Whenever in pain you are,
comes to your mind
no one but me.
No possible way out, you’re stuck,Β 
light at the end of the tunnelΒ 
you can not see.
So you come to me crying,
assuming that I might be dying
to have you meddling in my life
wishful thinking it is so
uselessly keep on trying.
For all your affection
and each and every emotion
I had shown appreciation
through my utter devotion
No more you’re my weakness
To you I have no attachment
as I have broken through
your strong enchantment
You might be aching now
atleast not faking now
the feelings that you showed me
which were a hoax and mockery.
This might go on and on
until we both move on
So as I’m moving forward
hoping you too will be gone
from my sight.
Never want to hear
your future plights
never again
not after this fight.
Enough is enough,
I’m taking the next flight.
For I’m out of there
into the fresh air
I can breathe now
gone that flare
that burned before
between us for sure
this time we are

not us not anymore.

Written by Ali Qureshi