Written by Ali Qureshi

As the rays of the rising sun lit his room, he opened his eyes.
To his surprise;
He saw.
His hands, the sheets over his feet; and then at last his face in the mirror.
He could see!
He Could See?
But how really?

His sight had returned, been restored, all of a sudden.
Amazed. Afraid.
He didn’t want to blink, to close, his eyes ever again. At a loss he found himself when thought of an explanation of this life altering moment and thus simply rejoiced at the fact of finally being able to put a face to his daughter’s voice.

In her room she slept but soon to be woken up by a shaken up father;
Her eyes were set at her father’s and her father’s at hers and then they went all blurry as tears from them started spilling; they both had started to cry.
Old enough to know that it was a miracle his daughter said:
“Oh daddy! Now you can see me, but how can it be?”
“I don’t know my darling,” he replied.
We may not ever know, he thought to himself. And so came in to his mind the mother, the girl’s mother, who had left him as once did his sight; Now one of the two has returned though the other– might never will.