Why do they think of me as a tortured soul?
A ghost?
All I want is to feel connected.

“Hailey.. Hailey..”

“Let me be with you…”

Hailey shrieks, and bolts for the door.

Stop! don’t leave me.”

Perhaps grabbing her leg will do, she might just stop to consider my plea.

“Don’t leave me.. I’m your friend..”

“Please! let me go… I beg you..”
“Oh God.. HELP ME!

As soon as the grip loosened, the frightened teen ran out of her house, onto the road and then to the neighbor’s lawn. Lungs failing their task, leaving her breathless, combined with the pain in her leg soon she found herself lying on the grass.
After a while when Hailey got a hold of her senses these questions kept running over and over in her mind, why does she had to go through all this?
When will this end?
Will she ever be free of it?

Everybody have their demons
to face, for some it just
means literally.

© Ali Qureshi