Write your words,
keep them always,
with your open heart.

My door is closed,
shut once again,
I cannot open it.

All I see is wood,
its frame excluding me,
yet I know what is behind it.

I cannot reach, cannot touch you,
you won’t let me near,
what should I do?

All hearts carry sorrow,
I cannot carry all,
my own is weeping.

I hold my imaginary cross,
it fell off long ago,
but I see it in silver.

I knew him,
I loved him,
I knew his beliefs.

I watched his death,
I loved him.

Now my eyes weep tears,
the fence has reappeared,
and I cannot climb over.

© Fiona Meyrick
Note: The poetess has, gladly, accepted to let Words of Aqua share her work
on its blog. And we, team at Words of Aqua, bear no responsibility to her views.