Words of Aqua

The world of words and ideas that can take shape of poems or articles or even stories, depending on the climatic conditions of Aqua.


I, The Ruler of planet Aqua, have been dealing with Insomnia from a very young age. Sometimes I just don’t remember when I last slept. Living life with the most irregular sleep patterns. I always wish there is some thing to do or somewhere to go that’ll tire me out cause if there’s not- it’s impossible for me to fall asleep.
I could have easily named my blog ‘Poetry of an Insomniac’ but I didn’t, cause I think it’s way too long. Anyways, this page includes all the links to my poems that may discuss Insomnia completely or partially.

Hope you revel in my experience.

Links are as follows:

Poetry of an Insomniac

Insomnia Series:

Insomnia – The Dreadful

Insomnia – Back Again

Insomnia – The 3rd

Insomnia – Quadrant

Sleep, Old Memories & Present


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